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A Call to Action

Welcome to the Transformative Health Workforce Education Wiki

We are just at the beginning of the Transformative Health Workforce Education Wiki project. The aim is to build a resource around transformative health workforce education; i. issues (as described in the WHO resolution 66.23), ii. projects & initiatives and iii. stakeholders.

This wiki as well as the blogs and social media on the transformative education website form part of the health policy and systems dialogue ecosystem which will support and enhance the case studies on transformative health workforce education interactive map .

Each of our wiki pages has a discussion where users can add content and comments to help guide and inform the transformative process.

Eventually we hope to provide a resource where you can download individual pages as a pdf or customize to create you own eBook.

Transformative health workforce education projects & initiatives:

Transformative health workforce education issues:


From here new pages will be created and linked like this Testpage in the category Sandbox.

Getting started (to be removed soon)